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Advocating for stronger health systems so people in Sub-Saharan Africa can realise their right to the highest attainable health standards.

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We work with partners and multi-stakeholders to contribute in achieving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) by creating a strong civil society that engages effectively with all stakeholders accountable for health systems.

Our Mission

To strengthen health systems and ensure women, girls and vulnerable groups have access to reproductive health and other life saving commodities for contraception, safe pregnancy, delivery and neonatal care.

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Health Systems Advocacy Partnership (HSAP)

Creating sustainable empowered system of dialogue that ensures accountability and implementation of SRHR policies and evidence generation that supports policy making, reporting & lobbying promoted by decision makers, CSOs unions, media and communities

Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Kenya

Facilitating round table discussions between multi-stakeholders to generate innovative solutions to the tough problems of supplying the right medicines to poor people, at the right price, of the right quality, in a timely and accessible manner in a timely and accessible manner.

Sexual & Reproductive Health Commodities

Promoting access to accurate information to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable reproductive health services and commodities. We inform and empower people to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and receive timely and affordable treatment

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