About MeTA Kenya

MeTA Kenya facilitates round table discussions between multi-stakeholders to generate innovative solutions to the tough problems of supplying the right medicines to poor people, at the right price, of the right quality, in a timely and accessible manner by:

  • Identifying and spearheading advocacy initiatives to increase access to SRHC and support the improvement of RMNCAH outcomes in partnership with the RMHSU of the MoH.
  • Convening a national and county level Forum to support learning and sharing as well as greater coordination and interaction at the different levels of governance and with partners.

MeTA Kenya seeks to support and strengthen collaboration with the Ministry (RMHSU) to better achieve the various RMNCAH commitments and targets through:

  • Participating and supporting relevant TWGs
  • Supporting learning and dissemination events (as this)
  • Supporting relevant forums based on needs of RMHSU to support advocacy: discussions on Annual SRH Conference
  • Supporting and inputting into various processes and documents e.g. RMNCAH ICC ToR

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