Our Members

YouthThe CSOs that we work with at the county level to promote accountability and the implementation of stronger health systems include:


Tinada Youth Organization is a Youth and Child focused organization.

It focuses on using family to family and Youth-to-Youth focused interventions to demonstrate and attain sustainable economic power of youth and families.

They achieve this through the promotion of education, integrated Health and Economic support, Human Rights, effective leadership and nature Conservation within the Lake Victoria Ecosystem.

The organization promotes:

1) Sexual Reproductive Health Rights(SRHR)among the in and out of school youth and children

2) Education and career development to increase youth employment

3) Mental Health prevention, therapies, rehabilitation and Research

4) Strengthening of economic wise management, environmental & human resources within Lake Victoria Region

5) Reduction of disaster risk  within community and schools

6) Human rights, equity and justice

6) Enterprise among youth and the vulnerable population exhibiting best entrepreneurial and agriculture practice


Aims to serve the needs of the local community by advocating for; Good governance and democracy; health rights; advocacy on prevention of gender-based violence among others.


Advocates for and support youth participation in development processes. YAK implements programs on the following four thematic areas, namely:

  • Health (SRHR)
  • Governance and Human Rights
  • Livelihoods and Environment
  • Institutional Partnerships

YAK envisions “A society in which young people take active responsibility for their lives and shape their destiny and communities”.

Their mission is “to develop the abilities of young people to create and access opportunities that improve their lives and communities”


COFAS-Kenya focuses on empowering communities to respond to problems affecting them. COFAS works around three thematic areas including Health, Gender-Based Violence and Education.

It envisions a stable community defined with equity, independence and prosperity, fully equipped with lasting mechanisms for development.

Their mission is to establish and promote community development in sustainable measures and bring solutions to education, gender-based violence and health challenges that affect our communities.

They work with women, adolescents girls, young women (AGYW) and youth. COFAS uses strategies such as:

  • Awareness/Information Dissemination
  • Training
  • Education support
  • Assists communities to access medical and legal services through partnerships.


The organization works to accomplish its main objectives by holding charity events and extending its support to Differently Abled Persons (DAPs).

H2HSO offers the following services;

  • Reproductive health services and HIV awareness (for the DAPs)
  • Home-based care therapy
  • Home visits and follow up
  • Capacity building on social, economic, educational, political and human rights approaches
  • Community awareness and sensitization on disability rights
  • Child protection and Provision of therapy services among others.


CFP is a division of One Nation Under God (ONUG) Kenya which is a platform for peace volunteers across the country. CFP is made up of professional counsellors and psychologists.

The goal of this division is to mainstream the practise of counselling and psycho-social support in the peacebuilding processes.

Their approach emphasizes healing through counselling, psycho-social support, psycho-social education and sensitivity to the impact of trauma and mental health disorders on communities.


Optimum Life Choices are psychologists with different specializations and work closely with the mother society- The Psychological Society of Kenya (PSK).

Being a member of PSK, OLC has access to all the fifty-six (56) branches of psychology. OLC brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialities into the company.

Thematic areas include:

  • Mental health advocacy
  • Sensitization and campaigns on other psycho-social issues
  • Counselling and debriefing
  • Research
  • Training and program developments
  • Strategic partnership and resource mobilization
  • Childhood delinquency in Kisumu County.


Inuka Success Youth Organization is a youth-led organization that natures, empower and develop young people for sustainability through advocacy, community strategies and community program interventions.

ISUYO focuses on Health Advocacy, Social Entrepreneurship and Livelihood, Climate Change Action.


Manyatta Youth Resource Centre aims at increasing opportunities for youth living in the slums within Kisumu city, to participate in sports, environmental conservation, primary health care and performing arts.

Manyatta Youth Resource Centre has found ways of engaging the community with a view of fostering togetherness despite different cultural and political backgrounds.

Manyatta Youth Resource Centre has diversified activities addressing issues of reproductive health, creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, promoting behaviour change among the youth and capacity building through sports among others.


She deserves is dedicated to initiating and fostering sustainable processes that will empower, support and protect girls and women from the exploits of stigma, discrimination and poverty by advancing their sexual and cultural rights.

She deserves targets marginalized adolescent girls and women using a human rights-based approach to advance their sexual, legal and cultural rights to build a healthy and gender intelligent society where these girls and women can be able to make their own decisions.

The organization provides services such as mentorship, training and empowerment advocacy and creating awareness. The areas of focus are; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender Equality, Gender-based Violence


Local initiative development Agency was started in the year 1978 as a community project to address the existing and emerging issues and problems in the community such as:

  • Illiteracy
  • Preventable diseases
  • Environmental degradation
  • An increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the Nyakach Community.


The group major focus activities include:

  • Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Advocacy
  • Promotion of Human Rights and democracy through community sensitization
  • Education and campaigns
  • Capacity building and mentorship of local community young advocates
  • Advocacy and lobbying for the issues affecting youth
  • Women, children and the general community
  • Promoting youth and women in Agribusiness
  • Participating in Tree planting initiatives
  • Fish farming and institutional strengthening to ensure better results of the programs
  • Peace reconciliation and stability


LIVERO Consortium Project is a network of groups within the Lower Nyakach Division. The consortium is made up of a network of youth groups and a network of CBOs.

The consortium benefits from a background of a diverse multidisciplinary team of youth skilled and experienced in their own fields to form a synergy for performance within the required standards.