Snakebites Envenoming Research and Policy

SnakebitesAbout Snakebites

Having just been declared a Neglected Tropical Disease by the World Health Organization in 2017, care and commodities to treat snakebites; community knowledge levels and community education; policies that support planning, prioritization, budgeting for management and reporting tools for snakebites incidences.

SnakebitesIn partnership with Health Action International, we support:

  • Research and evidence generation at both facility and community level on treatment, care, access to commodities and knowledge levels including supporting of some CHMT meetings, where the findings of our research will also be shared to scale up advocacy.
  • Advocacy for provision of care and treatment of snakebites in the lower level facilities; where most bites occur.
  • Joint community sensitization programs on snakebite prevention measures, first aid information and access to treatment at a health facility.
  • Facilitate workshops and capacity strengthening of health workers and support in county discussions around prioritization of snakebite treatment.
  • Dissemination of the Ministry of Health national clinical guidelines which provide healthcare workers, community members and civil society with practical tools for awareness-raising, prevention, treatment and management in our focus counties.
  • Sustained advocacy interventions mainstream and prioritize snakebite treatment and care in high burden counties within the Universal Health Coverage package.