About Us


We are a locally registered not for profit organization working with partners and multi-stakeholders to contribute to achieving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by creating a strong civil society that engages effectively with government at all levels, the private SRHRsector and other stakeholders accountable for health systems, to deliver equitable, accessible and high-quality SRHR services.

So far, we are pleased to work with;

  • Partners and local CSOs to increase knowledge of snakebites and access to effective anti-venom.
  • Local CSO network in Kisumu to provide evidence to support the implementation of mental health policies and increase budget allocations, improve care and treatment for persons with mental health and promote their rights.

VISION: We envision a country where everyone enjoys optimum health and rights particularly Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

SRHRMISSION: To strengthen policy implementation particularly SRHR through evidence generation, advocacy and empowerment of communities for access to the highest attainable information and services.

OUR GOAL: A Kenya where everyone everywhere has access to quality, affordable and effective health services, information, commodities and instruments particularly sexual and reproductive health in attaining the highest quality of health and well being by 2030.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Social Justice
  • Inclusivity

Additionally, we also advocate and lobby for Snakebite Envenoming and Mental Health as highlighted below;


Supporting Health Action International with its Snakebite Envenoming project to undertake research and collect data in select counties in Kenya on snakebite incidence, treatment of snakebites and facility preparedness.

We also support the dissemination of first aid material and FAQs on snakebites with relevant counties and engage in policy engagement at the national NTD snakebite stakeholder forum as well advocacy for effective, affordable and readily available anti-venom.


Working with and supporting local CSOs to undertake evidence-based advocacy to improve mental health policy formulation and implementation, budget allocations, increased access to good quality care and treatment for persons suffering from mental health and campaigns to advocate for the rights-based perspectives in service provision.