What We Do

Increasing access to and awareness of life-saving commodities for women and children

Health CommoditiesCovering the continuum of care for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH).

Improving the availability of reproductive health commodities

These include contraceptives, medicines to treat HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, and equipment to help women deliver babies safely.

Advocating for policy changes

Putting systems in place to maintain the human resources for health and ensure adequate, affordable and timely supply of medicines and health commodities, particularly women, girls, and vulnerable groups.

Ensure women have access to contraception, and safe pregnancy, delivery and neonatal care.

Increasing the capacity of local CSOs

Health CommoditiesEffectively advocate for access to Sexual Reproductive Health Commodities at the county level to complement national-level efforts and empower communities to know and advocate their right to the highest attainable Reproductive Health Rights

Facilitating round table discussions between multi-stakeholders

Generate innovative solutions to the tough problems of supplying the right medicines to poor people, at the right price, of the right quality in a timely and accessible manner.

In an effort to strengthen a vibrant dialogue and dissent space and meaningful engagement.

Conducting evidence-based advocacy

Health CommoditiesWe achieve this through annual availability and affordability studies on SRH Commodities in selected counties across Kenya. To support the generation of knowledge products to support policy processes and local CSO engagement with decision-makers and communities.